Boxes, Foxes, Fireflies

July 15, 2006

On a d20 –

1-3: Thrilled by the breaking of the chain to cable television, you assuage your need for something to watch during lunch by chewing through the Firefly discs again over the course of a week and a half. You cap it off with a viewing of Serenity, only the second time you’ve actually seen the movie all the way through. Wash’s death is still painful to watch.

4-7: Once you’ve had time to *cough*punchaholeinyourwall*cough* and buy a new cat5 cable for the Xbox, you settle down to some of the new offerings on Xbox Live. The Mass Effect video is a sight to see; it’s going to be hard waiting for it. Frogger, Uno, and Geometry Wars do their best to keep you company while you wait for the Christmas offerings this fall.

8-10: The new Megatokyo book, and the second book in Marvel’s Civil War series, make you a happy comic book reader. You also finally finish the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex. It’s a wonderful ending, but you’re thinking you’ll take a break from GitS before tackling 2nd Gig. Maybe Chobits?

11-15: You unpack. A lot.

16-18: You play Prey for review on Slashdot, and are both attracted and repelled by many elements of the game and gameplay. You’re glad there are two AAA title developers in the city, but could have done without the blood-spattered school bus with ‘Dane County School District’ painted on its side.

19-20: You explore the world of Firefox extensions, at the suggestion of a friend. You end up adopting Fasterfox, DownThemAll!, Adbock, Flashblock, Tab Mix Plus, and del.icio.us Complete.



  1. I just played through the Prey demo last night; I agree, it can be a bit much at times.

    I seem to recall System Shock 2 scaring the crap out of you. I’m surprised that you aren’t a gibbering pile of goo after Prey ;-)

  2. Eh. It was all so samey. ‘OMG giant vagina!’ Whatever. I’ve played Doom 3 already.

  3. Ah. I hadn’t played Doom 3. My system wasn’t good enough when it came out, and when I COULD play it, I’d already heard enough about it that I didn’t want to.

    I’ll agree that System Shock 2’s atmospheric creepiness and dread was far and away more effective than Prey’s in-your-face gross-out factor. I was also considering your eternal dread of the movie Event Horizon when I thought Prey would make you squirm.

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