Whedon Is My Master Now

October 24, 2001


So much to do, so very very little time.

Being sick last weekend, and then out of town this weekend finally caught up to me. Had to make the executive decision to have an assignment be about 12 hours late so my head wouldn’t explode. I hate decisions like that.

This weekend I am going to be hermit action Zonk and get caught up on my reading and get a jump start on next week’s assignments. From what my lovely profs have told me, from a big assignment standpoint we are entering the home stretch for this quarter, so I am optimistic. This is the first late assignment I’ve had this year.

I know I have previously mentioned Joss Whedon’s lovely works (Buffy and Angel) but I feel I must again comment, as they are simply wonderful. There is very little television on right now that actually makes you think, or even care for the characters involved. Seeing the exploits of the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations week in and week out is not only envigorating, but heartening. Never does an episode of either show fail to deliver either merriment or heartache or at the very least rapt interest.

I bring this up this week as both Angel and Buffy were particularly good. Angel, especilly, stood out to me as amazing television.

Monday’s episode of Angel featured the introduction of the parents of one of the characters, a young lady who went through an extremely scarring experience (it involved dimensional travel, but that is neither here nor there). Her meeting back up with her parents was touching and special, the moreso because her parents were accepting and supportive of a lifestyle which to say the least is not “normal”. This 180 degree change of pace from the usual string of lowlifes and scumbags we see on Angel made the experience all the more moving.

Why can’t more Television be like this?

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