Cube Zero

March 6, 2005

Alan, Brian, Erich, and myself were brave enough to plumb the depths of the Cube once again. Or Stupid. On second thought, strike brave. And the blackjack.

Cube Zero is (as you may have guessed from the title) a “prequel” to the original Cube movie, though this isn’t super obvious during most of the film. The biggest confusion we had on that point likely stems from the fact that the continuity folks did a piss poor job of reconstructing the original cube from the first movie. I realize that the design of the cube needed augmentation to fit the new reality of the Cube series, but c’mon folks.

So, the good points. The production values were on par for the genre, and the dungeon-esque quality of the cube was again pretty spooky. The characterization was actually very nice in this one, with actors that seemed to have actually given a damn. Their performances weren’t spectacular or anything, but I definately cared more about the characters in this film than in either of the other films.

The bad points, regrettably, outweigh the good. Once again the movie had no real point and leaves you feeling relatively frustrated because of the lack of resolution. While they revealed a lot more information in this film than in others, we’re still left with damned little understanding of what exactly is going on. The gore level was higher than in some of the previous films, and was unneeded in my opinion as it served very little purpose. The film overall left me with an ashen taste in my mouth.

Hopefully the next movie (as there inevitably will be a next movie) will finally allow us to understand the realities behind the cube and the dystopean world that built it.

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