Why Does The West Coast Have To Be So Far Away?

March 8, 2005

I’m writing from the lovely city of San Francisco. I’d love to share photos with you, but I forgot a semi-crucial piece of equipment: the cord that hooks my camera up to a computer. So no visuals this week either here or on Slashdot. Kind of frustrated with that.

Yesterday I managed to have a somewhat relaxing day. I slept a little late, and ran some errands with Katie. One of those errands (yay!) was picking up her diploma. She’s officially granulated! w00t! I also snagged some last minute helper items and some traveling cash. Last night we had dinner with Eva, Kat, Brian, and Alan, and had a very good time with them. It was nice seeing folks before my trying morning.

I had to wake up at 4 am in order to catch my flight this morning. My new voice recorder snagged my thoughts, and (again, once I get home) you’ll probably get groggy commentary first hand. Suffice it to say that I made it here okay, despite the most uncomfortable flight I have ever had across the country, bar none.

The Parc 55 is a very nice hotel, and I’ve enjoyed my stay for all eight hours or so I’ve been here. I managed to make it over to the Moscone Center this afternoon to pick up my badge (though I was challenged like 5 times because I didn’t have a badge on my way to the press lounge…where my badge was). The real fun starts tomorrow at around 9am, and the Microsoft Keynote is at 10:30. Now that I’m on the ground and somewhat situated my nervousness about travel has moved into the background. Despite the fact that the GDC is primarily a business and learning forum, these are still my people Geek gatherings all have the same tone, be they Gen Con, Origins, or GDC. I think I’ve chosen wisely.

And this way I get to watch the debacle that is e3 from 2000 miles away and through a browser.

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