Noodles as Soul Balm

January 29, 2004

The visitation for Erik’s Dad was very nice last night. I guess the funeral was today. I hope that went well for him. We got to talking about how this is probably going to start being a more common occurence among our friends. I know that just in the past two months 5 people that I know either personally or through friends have passed away. It sucks getting older.

Yesterday after the visitation we headed home for burgers and some Babylon 5. There were explosions and vorlons and shadows and….very cool. A truly excellent series, that is.

I have had the worst week this week, and I have a feeling tomorrow is not going to be any better. Tell you about it later.

Right now I’m headed off to have dinner at Vin Santo with Alan and Katie. That is the only good thing to happen to me today.

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