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Wanna Hear Something Stupid?

October 3, 2008

So, DRM is really dumb. Like, really really really dumb. Wait, dont’ stop reading. I promise this is vaguely funny and interesting to non-techs.

This is something friends of mine have been railing about for some time now, and I’ve generally agreed with them. But, if you want a quickie example of how dumb DRM is I have one for you.
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The Bunny Did It

June 20, 2008

I’ve never had someone request a blog post before, but Alan did so via email yesterday. I feel inclined to acquiesce.  This is the story of what can happen when three college-age gamers stay up way too fragging late having fun with what they do.

Also, I should point out that tabletop roleplaying is not *all* wanton violence and murder. It’s actually a very subtle mix of storytelling and tense action; the best moments I’ve experienced at a gaming table are locked in my head just as vividly as any movie. This … em … is not one of those moments.

So, warning: incredibly juvenile, inappropriate humor coming up. This was done at like 3 in the morning during college, and was almost certainly one of the most innocent things happening at that hour in Iowa City’s downtown. Don’t take this out of context and be horrified please (Mom).

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