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The ‘end’ of Random Dialogue

December 5, 2008

So, I’m officially abandoning this site for the time being. If you still have this feed in your reader, please redirect your RSS reader to:

That’s where I’m funneling everything media-and-commentary wise that I’m doing.

This site, obviously, isn’t going anywhere. I’m not taking it down, and I can think of a lot of ways to make sure of it in the future. For right now, though, don’t expect any more content.



Wanna Hear Something Stupid?

October 3, 2008

So, DRM is really dumb. Like, really really really dumb. Wait, dont’ stop reading. I promise this is vaguely funny and interesting to non-techs.

This is something friends of mine have been railing about for some time now, and I’ve generally agreed with them. But, if you want a quickie example of how dumb DRM is I have one for you.
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Last Week’s Writing

June 9, 2008

Brian recently asked that I start doing a weekly wrapup of stuff that I’m particularly proud of. I don’t think that’s a terribly bad idea. Here’s the update for today through last week:


Guess What I’m Getting for Christmas? (oops, nevermind)

June 9, 2008

Oh wait. You still need to use AT&T with them. Nevermind. Call me when I can stick with Verizon, Apple!


The Summer of Movies

May 15, 2008

I probably saw roughly two films in all of 2007. I’m exaggerating, but it wasn’t darned many.

This summer, though, there are a large number of movies I’m looking forward to. Here’s my hitlist for the season:


To The Journey

April 20, 2007

Wednesday night Katie and I watched the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager. We’ve watched the entire series now, via Netflix. It took us the better part of a year, and has been a happy weekly ritual for us for that entire time.

My initial reaction to Voyager was that I’d try it at first, and if we didn’t like it we could stop watching. Many comments I’ve heard over the years on the show were profoundly negative, and I expected to have to swallow some bile in order to sit through the series. We muddled our way through the first season, and the show was *just* entertaining enough to keep going. The writing in the first season is bloody weak, and the character of Janeway is … gaah. Katharine Hepburn meets creepy starship Captain, there.

What kept us watching, through the first season and into the second and third, were the other characters. Tom Paris, Bellana Torez, and (of course) The Doctor made the show well worth watching as they schlepped their way through the shithole of the galaxy: the Delta quadrant.

Eventually, I realized that I’d even grown to kinda like Janeway .. mostly. Just as in previous shows, the writing had gotten stronger and stronger with each passing season. Ongoing storylines like the struggle with the Kaizon, and the ship’s eventual confrontations with the Borg, kept viewers involved in the lives of the crew … good times.

We really picked up watching the show earlier this year, as we cracked into the fifth and sixth seasons of the series. The addition of Seven of Nine changed the dynamic of the crew greatly, and (despite reservations again) Katie and I grew to like her quite a bit. It’s hard to hold Jeri Ryan accountable for the awful outfit the production staff put her into, and she definitely showed her chops as an actress during some of the damned strange episodes they put her through. Good times.

We’re going to watch some random stuff for now, before we jump back into another series. I think we have a Studio Ghibli movie and some old mysteries on the way in the near future. We’re not even sure what that ‘next series’ is; Battlestar Galactica would be the natural choice, but we’re not sure if we want to go right back into sci-fi so soon.

It’s very satisfying to have gotten through the seven long seasons of this show. Essentially the only television we’ve watched for the last however many months, it’s nice to be able to look back on the plot threads with clear eyes.

My only quibble, really, is the incredibly weak-ass ending to the show. The last episode before the two-part finale is an ill-conceived doctor-specific show that makes him out to be an ass. With that sour taste in our mouths, we move right into the incredibly lame deus ex machine finale. Grar.

Seven years worth of enjoyment, and the stupidity they put on display in the last episode shows precisely why Enterprise tanked. Asshats.

Despite that, I’m really glad we did it. A great show, a great franchise. I hope however the new ‘re-invisioning’ movie doesn’t make a mockery of Gene Roddenberry’s vision.


The Mosser

March 7, 2007

It’s like a hilarious British comedy. Only, when it’s happening to you it’s not so funny. The Mosser hotel chose GDC week (a week when they are literally full to the rafters) to replace their elevator. EVERY room in the hotel is full, and we’re forced to climb extremely narrow, steep stairs in order to reach our rooms. And … wait for it … I’m on the 8th floor! No rooms available below that! HILARIOUS.

So, instead of my hotel room being a sanctuary, some place to freshen up between sessions and meetings and whatnot, I’m going to need to take three showers a day just to compensate for all the aerobic exercise I’ll be getting. It’s the opposite of awesome. Double-plus ungood, as it were.

The room itself is nothing to write home about either; though I guess I kind of am. It’s D&D dungeon-standard (10 x 10), with a teeny tiny closet-sized bathroom off of that. I should have known, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN when I was booking the reservation that 120 bucks a night was too good a deal. They apparently are offering that killer rate by not running the elevator.

So, the long and short of this is that I’m going to have to live mostly out of my bag, outside the hotel. To say that this is non-optimal would be an intense understatement. Would have been nice to get an email about this Mosser. Would have been reeeeeeal nice.