June 19, 2008

If you’ve ever met me in person, you’re probably already aware that I’m not really hung up on style. To be honest, on a day to day basis I care more about how my avatar looks than I do about what I’m wearing. Oh EQ2’s appearance armor system – if only you were in every game.

Fundamentally, that lack of interest in my physical appearance is a symptom of my general priorities in life. Some people are very grounded in the physical, the emotional, the present and the realized. I’m very much one of those castle-in-the-air idea guys, more interested in the intellectual, the educational, the future and the possible. Generally so is Katie, which is probably why we have to take on mammoth cleaning projects sometimes (heh).

That’s the causative factor for my generally informal appearance, but it expresses itself in a number of other ways both positive and negative. I think I’m a decent writer, for example, and I’m not a bad guy to have around when you’re doing crossword puzzles. I’m also fat. Out of shape, obese, overweight, whatever you’d like to call it, my general disinterest in my physical existence has meant that food was never something to consider, really. As such, I’ve got some pretty screwed up eating habits – the result is visible even at a glance; I’m not a tiny guy.

That said, I think I’ve always ‘carried my weight well’, which is an odd saying. I’m not one of those dudes that you sort of shift your eyes away from when he rolls into a room; I’m just fat. I’ve always needed to lose some weight, for as long as I remember, and out through college that gap between ‘need to lose’ and ‘really should lose’ got bigger. This period culminated during my time working at Douglas Stewart, when literally the only time I felt like I could get some degree of control over my lot in life when I was going through a drive through. That was an expensive and extremely unhealthy way of looking at life, and I think I’m still paying it off.
I’ve been in a healthier place for a long time now, but I’ve only off-and-on approached the subject of my health with any seriousness. I’m happy to say that one of those time is now, and I have hopes that this time, unlike all the other times, I’m really going to get into some positive habits that will stand in good stead.

My friend Alan and my mother-in-law Libby are kinda-sorta inspirational here, having gone through their own weight-related challenges in the last few years. I’m taking a page from their book and tackling this subject in a way that makes me comfortable. In this case, it’s actually very similar to what Alan used: calorie counting. He called it ‘Weight Watchers’, and I’m using an online document called ‘The Hacker’s Diet’. No Mountain Dew involved, I can assure you.

Basically, it’s Weight Watchers done with some math, a few spreadsheets, and a bit of planning. I used it very successfully for two months early last year before going through a rough patch and losing my way. This time around I’m seeing similar successes, but feel a lot more involved in process generally. I think (overall) I’ve made a lot of good choices about my life in the last year, and I want to be an important part of the ongoing bug fixing I do on my existence.

Here’s hoping I get the routine running correctly this time. If I do, maybe I’ll have a few more options in the clothing department.

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