Guess What I’m Getting for Christmas? (oops, nevermind)

June 9, 2008

Oh wait. You still need to use AT&T with them. Nevermind. Call me when I can stick with Verizon, Apple!

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  1. As best I can tell, all US cell carriers have good enough coverage, similar prices, and garbage customer service. As such, jumping to AT&T to get the phone I wanted was no big deal. Of course, my previous contract had expired; if you’re under contract it becomes a much bigger deal.

    On the other, other hand, the better iPhone knockoffs should be coming soonish. I have no brand loyalty, and when my iPhone becomes an ex-iPhone I fully expect to jump to a knockoff. Especially if it will get me away from the festering heap that is iTunes. (It’s weird to think that just a few years ago I held iTunes to be a new standard for quality.)

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