Cue the Black Sabbath

May 14, 2008

I just arrived home having watched an extremely stimulating showing of Iron Man. I enjoyed it a great deal, on multiple levels.

  • Nerdery is the new lingua franca of American culture. Nearly every flick previewed before the main event was a nerd culture trope. This summer there’s a metric crapton of movies coming out that I’m looking forward to seeing. My people, I believe, have arrived.
  • Technology is treated with the combination of respect and reverence I think it deserves. While the message is clear that misapplied science is the cause of a great deal of trouble, ultimately Stark’s science saves the day.
  • It’s a beautiful movie. The suit is, in and of itself, an unreal apparition of science given form. The CG representation of the suit, therefore, looks almost completely natural. Most excellent.
  • Nick Fury. ‘Nuff said, true believer.

It’s well worth a watch, and is a most auspicious kickoff to a movie-filled summer.

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