April 5, 2008

I don’t know if I’m actually going to start writing again here frequently, but just in case you hadn’t already heard:

I’ll soon be moving on from Slashdot.org. I’m going to be officially putting up a shingle as a freelance games writer, and earning my bread by the sweat of my fingers. Right now it’s a (beautiful, thankfully) Saturday afternoon and I’m on duty for my last stint as weekend evening editor. Tomorrow night’s Sunday shift will be my last time doing /. editing on a weekend. I have a full two weeks after that, with my last shift being Thursday afternoon on April 17th.

After that I’m going to be directing most of my attention to Massively.com, the new Weblogs Inc. site all about MMO games. I’m also rededicating myself to freelancing in general: I have a new weekly column at GameSetWatch, have two articles in the editing phase over at Wired, and by the end of June should be in two (count em) print magazines.

Part of my new freelancing nature is going to be daily updating over at my MMO commentary site, MMOG Nation. I hope to spill some of that bloggerly love over here to RD.net, especially since I feel like I’ll have more to talk about. It’s not going to be the same old same old anymore – every day is a new day, you know?

I’ve also got a few things I’d like to blab about in a textual format, something I’ve missed doing quite a bit. I don’t know if anyone still reads RD’s RSS feed, but here’s hoping you see more from it in the near future. :)


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  1. I’m still here… watching… waiting…

    *Jason with a machete lurking in the woods noise*

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