Days Out And Outer Planes

September 30, 2007

Hey there reality.

I just want to thank you for today. From the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep, I did precisely two things:

1.) Played World of Warcraft and
2.) Watched Justice League Unlimited with Katie

Yeah, a total waste of a day. And, given the fact that I got precisely nothing done last week, it was probably a luxury I shouldn’t have given myself. But eh… screw it.

One of the few things I did online today was get a bit caught up on what I’d missed out on this week. World news events aside (did you catch Ken Burns’ interview on Jon Stewart about The War?), I got my first hint that they really are thinking different for Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition. From the Design and Development article on Fourth Edition Cosmology:

“Godly dominions, elemental chaos, shadow kingdoms, and faerie realms are all part of the world. Most mortals know little of these things, but heroes are a different matter. Heroes often find that adventure calls them to distant and strange dimensions indeed … No one is knows how many astral dominions there are. Some dominions, such as the Nine Hells, are the size of worlds. Others are no larger than cities, rising like shining islets from the Astral Sea. Several dominions have been ruined or abandoned, usually because the gods who made them were destroyed or forgotten. What sorts of treasures—or perils—might slumber in such places, only learned sages could say.”

IE: Forget about the big Wheel. No more Sigil, etc. I’m gonna miss the Lady of Pain, but if if means the Outer Planes are more understandable and such … maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

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