March 20, 2007

Thankfully, good cheer and better health has returned to our apartment. Things were pretty miserable around here this past weekend, with both Katie and I doing the sleep/drugs/books (or in my case, games) routine to keep our sanity.

Yesterday our fevers broke and our breathing pretty much cleared. Our sickness still cost us: a D&D session, dinner with my family, a showing of ‘300’, and two of Katie’s Barnes and Noble shifts. I always think we lead pretty boring lives until something disrupts things, and I remember that we tend to keep pretty busy. Blarg.

I just wanted to reach back and comment quickly on GDC, because it was a really excellent experience for me. To give you some perspective, this is the third year I’ve been to the show. GDC 2005 was in San Francisco (just like this year), and the highlight of the show for me was getting to meet Simon Carless in person. Other than writing up sessions, that was pretty much all I did during the show.

GDC 2006 was even sadder; I met some new folks (like my counterparts at Joystiq and Kotaku), and had lunch with Danc and Grimwell. More would have happened, but it was in San Jose that year and I was waaaay out by the airport. The shuttle to the place stopped running at some really inconvenient hour; like 8pm or something even on Saturday. Choosing between having somewhere to sleep and going to a party is a mean thing to do.

This year was, in comparison, quite the blast. I didn’t really realize it until I started meeting people whose names I recognized, but I’ve done a lot of work in the last 12 months. My writing has shown up in new places (1up, Escapist, Gamasutra, GameSetWatch, MMOG Nation), and I’ve ‘worked with’ a bunch of new people. This was the first year that *I* got recognized by people, and I even went to a party. The only bragging I’ll do: I had dinner with one of the guys who developed Once Upon a Time. Kickass.

I’m an extrovert, to be sure, but my childhood still drags at me. I feel socially awkward in situations like GDC, and it took a lot of work to do what I did the week before last. I think it worked out really well (several actually supportive comments on Slashdot), and I’m really hopeful about future events this year and next.
The way these two tie together: GDC filled me up with a lot of creative energy and enthusiasm for what I do (both freelance writing and posting to Slashdot). I came back filled with piss and vinegar … and promptly got sick. Blech. My job tonight and tomorrow is to re-capture some of that enthusiasm, and try to jot off some work for my benefactors.

I know a lot of folks think industry events (be it the games industry or golf courses) are just for drinking and networking, but at least some of them can also be about reaffirmation.

Plus, damn is San Francisco a nice place to live.

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