From Foolish to Fad In 48 Hours

March 18, 2007

Friday I approved a story from the WSJ about Twitter, a service that lets you annoy people with those ‘I’m having a sandwich’ mini-blog entries that so many folks find terribly annoying. Apparently in the last few weeks the thing hit a sort of critical mass and kersploded. That’s the danger of getting a bunch of smart people together for stuff like South By Southwest. John Edwards recommends you check out Twittervision … so who’s to say what’s interesting anymore?

update: I went to log into Twitter again today, to add the twitter display thing to the sidebar here. I thought it would be fun to just be able to update a part of the blog sooper-quick. Twitter, for me, is already dead. It took about 20 seconds to load, and then timed out when I tried to log in. So … quick fad.


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  1. Two rants about Twitter I found interesting: “Is Twitter TOO Good?,” “RIP Twitter (2007-2007).” (Both are via The Lone Sysadmin.)

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