The Mosser

March 7, 2007

It’s like a hilarious British comedy. Only, when it’s happening to you it’s not so funny. The Mosser hotel chose GDC week (a week when they are literally full to the rafters) to replace their elevator. EVERY room in the hotel is full, and we’re forced to climb extremely narrow, steep stairs in order to reach our rooms. And … wait for it … I’m on the 8th floor! No rooms available below that! HILARIOUS.

So, instead of my hotel room being a sanctuary, some place to freshen up between sessions and meetings and whatnot, I’m going to need to take three showers a day just to compensate for all the aerobic exercise I’ll be getting. It’s the opposite of awesome. Double-plus ungood, as it were.

The room itself is nothing to write home about either; though I guess I kind of am. It’s D&D dungeon-standard (10 x 10), with a teeny tiny closet-sized bathroom off of that. I should have known, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN when I was booking the reservation that 120 bucks a night was too good a deal. They apparently are offering that killer rate by not running the elevator.

So, the long and short of this is that I’m going to have to live mostly out of my bag, outside the hotel. To say that this is non-optimal would be an intense understatement. Would have been nice to get an email about this Mosser. Would have been reeeeeeal nice.


  1. Is there an orc guarding a chest in your 10′ x 10′ room? If so, you can probably snuff it for some sweet XP, and sell the spoils in the chest for more than enough to recoup the 120 bucks a night. Ooh, unless it has a Decanter of Endless Water in it. You should keep that for showering on the go.

  2. Be warned, even if you were to defeat the orc and get into the chest, there is likely magic on the items inside that will cause unpleasant feelings upon checkout.

  3. I think they only put that enchantment on the towels.

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