Looking for Flixfriends

February 20, 2007

I’ve been really enjoying using Netflix to vicariously look at other people’s netflix preferences recently. They’ve got a feature where, if you’re hooked up with another user, you can see what they have in their queue and what they’ve rated recently. It’s a startlingly honest look at a person’s personal attitude, and I’ve gotten a kick out of looking at even just the few folks I’m already hooked up with.

If you’d like to /friend me, send me an email (it’s on the ‘About’ page) and we can be flix-buddies. Please don’t use the system’s friender to friend the email on the About page, though. That’s not the one I use on my Netflix account. )

Creepily interested in your move-watching habits,

– Michael


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  1. Some time I’m going to have to ask you to explain why you think “It’s a startlingly honest look at a person’s personal attitude”… since I see most of my Netflix queue as disposable entertainment that doesn’t really make sense to me.

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