February 14, 2007

Today is February 14th and, much to my chagrin, the day has importance to the most important person in my life. And me, too.

Precisely ten years ago today, Katharine Giacomini and I had our first date. It’s a little after 10 right now, which makes it just about now that the movie was getting out. We hit a showing of Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet. Yes, the almost four-hour long one. Yikes. I’m glad I liked Shakespeare too.

I got to the mall nearby, and snagged a couple of roses for the girl. We got into the showing around six or so, because Katie was at the school doing rehearsal for the play. We bought popcorn, and enjoyed the showing a great deal. We held hands, and our parents picked us up when it was over.

Yup. We were dorks. Seeing a movie that had been in the movie theatres for almost two months already, on the sappiest hallmark-card day of the year. In retrospect, if I’d realized I was going to marry this girl, I never in a million years would have asked her out for the first time on February 14th.

I cannot begin to tell you how glad I was that, coming up on two years ago now, we snagged ourselves a new anniversary. Best part of the marriage gig, I tell you.

Tonight, lo these ten years later, our day was quite a bit different. We got all dressed up, headed out, braved the cold, and very romantically … refinanced some bank stuff. :)

That was a small part of our day, though. We exchanged flowers and gifts, cards and kisses. I made us some shrimp scampi with linguini and, other than perhaps a little more parsley and a little less crushed red pepper, I thought it went very well. Katie made us some delicious biscuits to go with with the main course, and we’re going to have pie later for dessert.

While we were having dinner we watched one of our favorite couple movies, Love Actually, which feels much more appropriate now (with the snow) than it did back in December. Mostly, we spent the day together. We laughed, we talked, and I have been constantly reminding myself what a very, very fortunate man I am. For tonight, at least, life is good.

Happy Valentine’s day.


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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart. It was a cute first date. And you were awfully brave taking me to a four hour movie, and even more brave taking me to Hamlet (any Shakespeare would have been hard, but that one was my favorite)! It’s been a great ten years! :)

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