KOTOR Comical

January 11, 2007

One of the prezzies gifted to me by my beautiful wife for Christmas was the first Trade Paperback of Knights of the Old Republic. This is one of the new series of comics being produced by Dark Horse, -post their ‘world restructuring’ last year. They bagged their long-running (and popular) series’ “Empire” and “Republic”, and replaced them with four … very different titles. Knights of the Old Republic is the flagship of the new Star Wars comic universe, and follows a band of hooligans running around in the era at the height of the Galactic Republic. The linchpin of this group is a padawan framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and hunted by his former master. It’s really good stuff, and I’m already hoping to read it regularly in actual comic form. In running down info on the comic and Dark Horse, I came across sites for the writer and artist on the series. Writer John Jackson Miller offers production notes for each issue, which are well and truly fascinating. They’re also spoiler-riffic, so don’t read if you plan to. Less spoilery, the art of Brian Ching will give you a look at the beautifully arranged lines I’ve been enjoying. If you’re in the mood for a for-pay comic book, I have been well pleased by my KOTOR purchases so far.

Also: Buffy Season 8 looks really good. :)

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