December 31, 2006

My 2006 –

  • I opened MMOG Nation, a second blog where I can vent my MMO-related thoughts. It kinda just hangs there for much of the year, until it gets coupled with a regular column of the same name on the GameSetWatch site. Now I can use the blog as a sounding board for general ideas, and put more directed thoughts out there in a more public place. It’s probably the most satisfying thing, personally, I’ve done for myself in the past year.
  • I transfered Randomdialogue.net from Blogger to WordPress. I haven’t looked back. WordPress is a joy to work with.
  • I attended my second GDC, and had a much better time of it. I had the chance to meet up with a bunch of folks I’d only had the chance to email with in the past; I’m very much looking forward to March of this new year.
  • I visited Boston for LinuxWorld. I met my coworkers for the first time. Still the first and only time I’ve seen Rob and the guys. Should probably make it a priority to see them more than once in 2007.
  • I headed north to the Wildman Whitewater Ranch for Joe Rheaume’s Bachelor Party. I uhhh … probably wouldn’t have chosen this as an activity if I’d known how easy it is to die on the river. Just the same, I’m going to have memories from this for a good, long time. I hope Joe feels the same way.
  • I was best man in the wedding of Abby Wanserski to Joe Rheaume. Beautiful day, beautiful ceremony, and another couple I’ve known for a hundred years throwing a rocking party.
  • Katie and I returned to California for what was, essentially, our honeymoon. We had a couple of great days site-seeing in San Francisco, and then drove up the coast to Portland for the marriage of Kirstin and Matt Feldman. We relaxed, we saw a baseball game, we had delicious food … it was easily the best week of the year. It was hard sometimes, too, but that’s what made it worth doing.
  • Katie and I moved to a new two-bedroom apartment on the west side of Madison. For the Christmas party we threw this past Wednesday, we finished putting up pictures and really got the place looking great. It’s so much nicer than the last place we were in, it’s hard thinking about the difference. We’re loving our accommodations.
  • We went to GenCon. Again. I can’t really soft-peddle it: I didn’t have that great a time. Given the places I want to be this year, and the things I want to accomplish, I’m thinking I’m going to give it a pass this year.
  • Katie and I celebrated our first Anniversary. Ding 1. I’m looking forward to the new talents at 10.
  • I attended the Kohnke PR For Games Conference. If anything, it was more fun than GDC. It was certainly fun … not losing my camera, for example.
  • I purchased a Wii after standing in line for six hours. Now that I know how hard it is to find Nintendo’s little machine, I’m totally glad I did it.

My 2007 –

  • More Writing. I’m not going to die if I don’t have one feature a week, but that’s the goal.
  • More Face-time. I want to get out to see my co-workers more. Ditto for the folks I work with in a larger context.
  • As a follow-up to that: I will attend AGC this year. Come hell or high water.
  • PAX, too, for that matter. Sounds like I’ll probably be going with friends, too. w00t.
  • Passport. I don’t expect to get out of the country this year, but I’ve decided I want to be ready for it when I get the opportunity.
  • Finish out the Shackled City campaign before Jeff and Viv’s kid makes his debut. This is a must. :)
  • Be kinder to RD.net. I’ve been mentally quite brusque with this site of late, and he’s done nothing wrong at all. More writing, less bitching.

Hope everyone’s having a good last-day-of-2006. See you next year.



  1. Well, if we don’t finish Shackled City by the time Trogdor shows up, I think that I can bring the kid to the game, if you don’t mind me breastfeeding at the table.

  2. That should probably be possible, from the wee Burninator’s end, anyway. At that age, they just eat and sleep. You, however, might not be in any shape to game, what with the whole no sleep because you have to get up to feed the ravenous beast every three hours or so.

    And then, somewhere after the six months mark, doing anything other than paying strict attention to the bundle of joy becomes basically impossible, and gaming must be scheduled around a babysitter’s availability. Enjoy!

    Oh, and congrats on the impending kid!

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