Gardening Reminder

December 16, 2006

My review of Viva Pinata should go up this Monday … assuming that I can stop playing it.

ToDo –

  • Work on the Domestic Pinatas
  • Attract the Ducks, breed em’, feed em’ to the pretztails.
  • Build a house for the snails, breed em’, feed em’ to the crows.
  • Attract another aracknos, breed em’, feed em’ to the profitamoles. (Fed em’ to the Macacaroons instead)
  • Get the daisy population back up to attrack flutterscotches. Breed em’, use a Red to convert a profitamole.
  • Hire Diggerling, Weedling
  • Breed the Macacaroons
  • Finish Breeding the Crowlas
  • Breed the Newtgats
  • Breed the Mothdrops


  1. I…




  2. Hee. :)

    It’s super awesome! My biggest accomplishment so far has been getting the ‘Master Romancer’ award for the Squazzils. They were a long hard trek … blackberries are kind of finicky to grow for me, for some reason. And the entire time, my Mousemallows were getting eaten by Syrupents. Sheesh. I mean, what’s a gardener to do?

  3. The letters appear to be in the Roman alphabet, but the words they form make no sense!

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