Giving Thanks

November 27, 2006

This past week, a small miracle happened. Katie and I arrived home from a long day of turkey-eating without being cross or irritated. Two family outings in one day (with two families) is often more than enough to leave us tired, cranky, and swearing off family togetherness all together. This year, though, despite an about-par amount of eye averting, subject dodging, and good old fashioned Catholic guilt, we came away from the day pleased and (for once) thankful for the families which with we’ve been stuck gifted.

Call it getting older or what have you, but it was a genuine pleasure to spend time with the relations last week. The highlight, for me, at the Giacomini fet was the same as it is every year: pre-dinner preparations. I love helping wherever I can to assist getting the meal on the table. We brought cornbread casserole again this year, but that’s not really what I meant. More, it’s always the sense of welcome and belonging that Pete, Libby, and Don have always shown me. They always make me feel like just being that is a key ingredient to the meal going off successfully. High-handed and selfish, yes, but it’s a great feeling to have. Libby makes darn tasty smashed potatoes, to boot.

At the Conroy get-together this year, I don’t know what was in the water. Everybody was in a tremendously good mood. My cousin Elizabeth joined us for dinner for the first time in several years, prompting my mom to almost cry. “The family is all together” was a big deal for those with perspective on the event (IE: the oldsters). I was surprised to find that, while I hadn’t really thought about it until she brought it up, I thought it was a big deal too. Like I said, getting old. After dinner the gaggle of some 12-15 people gathered around Mom’s television to play Wii Sports. As you can imagine, hilarity ensued. My aunt Norine, in particular, makes a very convincing tennis player. :)

I can definitely do without the long day, traveling, and eating two dinners. That part of Thanksgiving (and most of our holidays) kind of sucks.  Given who we’re traveling to see, though?

All worth it.

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