Consider Our Bases Touched

November 17, 2006

Katie and I both have very busy families, and it’s always nice when we can find time to get together. We’ll be seeing them again next week, of course, but October swung past on a vine for both of us, singing the “George of the Jungle” song as it passed out of sight. As such, we appreciated the chance to touch base with familia we haven’t seen in weeks.

Wednesday we hung out with Katie’s folks, chatting about this and that while a bouncy squirmy puppy did her bouncy squirmy dance all over the room. We commiserated with Katie’s dad Pete about the amount of travel he did this month, and enjoyed some wine while talking about my latest appearance in a newspaper. Given that it’s only happened a very few times, and the last one I’m sure of was a picture of me being frightened of a man in a lion costume at the age of 5, it is (I guess) somewhat notable. A friend of the family’s, out in Ferndale CA, scored major points with her grandkids by saying that not only did she read Slashdot, she’d had me into her home. Apparently, nana knowing Zonk was a big thing. I guess I’m glad someone, somewhere, is impressed.

Last night we had dinner with my family, and much fat was chewed. We expressed our appreciation that Mary Dee didn’t have to undergo surgery this week (cactus + darkness + incline = ouch), and I had some only okay fish and chips. Enjoyable all around.

In the mail today, I received my copy of Viva Pinata. A game, of course, that I can’t play. Because, of course, my 360 is dead. Feh.

Tonight Katie and I are going to Delaney’s for dinner, followed by Rigoletto at the Overture center. Then we’ve got a big party at Mark De Smet’s place in Illinois on Saturday. The Wii launch is this Sunday of course … we’ll see how that goes. Maybe somewhere in here I’ll even get some sleep. Here’s hoping!

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