November 15, 2006

With my site down last week, I didn’t have a chance to express my enjoyment of the shift in political winds experience here in the U.S. Certainly, I can’t credit the democrats with anything like a vision for the future, leadership, a message, a plan, or even competence. But they, like stuffed turkey, cranberries, and cornbread (yes, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving) are not Republicans.

And so, because there are only two possible choices on this particular street (left and right), the country as a whole has decided to take a turn to the left. We don’t have a map or driving directions in front of us, but we’ll aimless wander until we find our way out of Iraq. It’s the American way, doncha know?

At the very least, my hope is that the next few years will see fewer tearful glances at the morning paper. My hope is that RSS feeds will no longer flow with the bitterest of indignaties to some of the subjects closest to my heart. My hope is that, for the moment, an inept president and a mandate-less congress will blissfully, thankfully, shut the hell up.

Ahhh … good news for once.

Of course, the week also brought the news that Russ Feingold wouldn’t be running in 2008. Could have done without that. :P

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