November 14, 2006

With MMOG Nation and Random Dialogue moved to new servers, I can do a little bit of catching up here before I run off to my Shadowrun session.

  • My review of Sam and Max: Culture Shock went up a while back, and I never had the chance to link to it. Kind of a ‘meh’ from the readers, but (of course) it could have been worse.
  • Last week I had another GameSetWatch column go up, about the Legitimacy of Massive Games. I’m sure you’re all dying to read that.
  • More accessible (and more attractive) to those of you who may not follow the gaming so closely, I edited a piece that showed up in The Escapist today. Some game journo associates were kind enough to let me bug them about their jobs, and the resulting interview is not only thoughtful, but pretty funny as well.
  • I’m still playing FFXII and Gears. Other than downloading the Vanguard Beta (which appears to be a game in and of itself), I haven’t been doing much more than that game-wise. Even my non-console FPS friends are flipping over Gears. I think we have a winner.
  • This weekend promises to be uber busy. PS3 launch, an opera with Katie, a big party at Mark De Smet’s in Chicago, the Wii launch, and a D&D session that will probably be mighty interesting. Good stuff.

Time’s up, so I’m away.

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