Gears of Final Fantasy XII

November 8, 2006

I’ve been taking things pretty easy lately. I’ve mostly been playing games. Final Fantasy XII and Gears of War currently have the majority of my attention, and both are as good as you’ve been led to believe. Sort of. I’ll have a review of FFXII up this week, and Gears should be next.

If you’re considering buying either, though, here are my recommendations.

Final Fantasy XII

Who it is for: RPG nerds of all stripes, lovers of a good story, players of the Final Fantasy XI MMOG, Chocobo-fans, Moogle-maniacs, and anyone who has ever watched any of the classic Japanese epic films.

I really don’t know what Tycho is talking about. I like playing FFXI, though, so I’m not sure we’ll see eye to eye on this. Andrew Pfister’s review on 1up is much more accurate.

Gears of War

Who it is for: Console-shooter fans, tactics fans, football fans, alien fans, fans of mediocre dialogue, fans of the film “Pitch Black”, and anyone tired of WWII shooters.

On the flip site, I’m not sure this is a 10 out of 10. It is still very very good. This game may not be *quite* everything they were hoping for (stupid AI buddies, shitty ‘light truck’ driving segment), but it’s good *enough* that CliffyB, Epic, and Microsoft have launched themselves a hell of a series. To put it in perspective this is the first part in a series that will undoubtedly make gobs of money, and it’s waaaaay better than the original Halo.

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