On The Quietude of Me

October 24, 2006

Sorry about the lapse in discourse here on the site. In the almost five years I’ve been writing on ‘this site’, this month’s lapse has been one of the longest. (Despite the holes in the archives, even back in 2001 I usually wrote one or two posts a week.)

Nothing terribly exciting has been keeping me off of my word processor, unfortunately. For the most part, I’ve been re-calibrating my reality meter after my trip to SF. I find travel much harder psychologically than physically, I’ve found. Trips are great for perspective, but have a tendency to make me overly thoughtful afterwards as a result. So, instead of writing here, at MMOG Nation, or at Slashdot, I’ve been playing videogames and trying to get my brain back in gear.

It’s mostly helped, too. I’m going to be putting up an article by the end of the week reiterating statements I’ve made elsewhere on current-gen games. It’s a crying shame that the PS2/Xbox/GameCube generation is leaving us already … they’ve still got so much left to offer. Now, that’s not going to stop me from playing games on my 360 or Wii, but I still feel it should be said.

MMOGs have been demanding most of my attention since I got back. I’ve played quite a bit of both of my standards: World of Warcraft and Star Wars Galaxies. In WoW I’ve been doing my best to get Grodin fighting fit for the upcoming Burning Crusade. I’m much more excited for it than I thought I would be; 5-man instances and smaller raids being the norm will do that to a ‘casual’ player like me. On the Galaxies side, I’ve come back to the wench that used me to see if it’s still as bad as I remember. I think that’s probably a lot of people’s explanations for bad or self-destructive behavior. Anyway, it’s still pretty bad, but I’m enjoying it a lot more than I did last time around. I’ve actually found some sort of content trail, and I’m going to follow it as long as it leads me.

You may or may not have noticed the appearance of the del.icio.us links in the lower right hand corner of the site. It lists the last five pages I’ve picked, and the tags I’ve associated with them. If you’re looking for easy amusements, the ‘video’ tags is especially fruitful. For pure randomness, I recommend the human Katamari, and the Bravia Paint explosion ad. If you’re more a gamer-sort, you’ll probably like some of the videos I’ve been sweating over: the X06 Assassin’s Creed demo, the hawesome and violent Bioshock trailer, and the Gears of War footage they showed at EB/Gamestop the other night.

I had my most recent songs and videos up there as well via AudioScrobbler last week. The titles of the tracks were too long and awkward, in my opinion, so I took it down.


  • Lunch with Rebecca tomorrow to talk about games, for a school assignment she’s working on.
  • First draft of SR Play script for Thursday.
  • ‘Better Than Next-Gen’ article for Slashdot by Friday.
  • Start on SR 4.0 article for Slashdot.
  • Interview article for The Escapist by end of the week.
  • Halloween Party on Saturday at Jeff and Viv’s.

Long and short is, you should expect more frequent updates, if I can swing it.

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