Housewives, Star Trek, Raging Dragons

October 10, 2006

On a d20 –
(I’m going to dispense with the ‘You’ in these things, because it’s really hard to remember to do.)

1-3: Television. We finished watching the second season of Lost the week before last, just in time for the Third season to begin. The verdict from the interweb nerdbase seems to be that it wasn’t that great a starter for the third go around. Katie and I, though, just loved it. An entire season about The Others is going to be just kickass. It’s awesome to have the whole story so far, and still be really enthused by it. When we started Season 2 we were a little dubious; things took a bit to get going. Just the same, and while I don’t think it was as good as the first glorious season, totally enjoyable. I can’t believe this is network television.

Katie finally convinced me that I should watch Desperate Housewives with her. I’m still waiting for the part where I actually start liking the show. I like certain characters, to be sure. Lynette and Susan are eminently likeable, and Bree is a
special lady in her own very very screwed up way. Just don’t like Gabrielle, though. I don’t really think marital infidelity is all that funny or charming.

4-7: Abby and Joe threw two parties in the last month! I had my camera at Abby’s Birthday Bash, and Terra’s Going Away Party. Sets are up, and I’m working to get everything captioned. Normally I would have waited until I finished captioning everything else before uploading new stuff, but there were requests they go up sooner rather than later. :)

8-10: Games. It’s amazing, but the games editor has actually been … playing … games again. It’s tremendous! Innovative, even! I had a blast with Okami, Yakuza, and Lego Star Wars II these past few weeks. I really feel like I have my feet back under me as regards writing. The new focus I’ve been enjoying has done wonders for my productivity. I’ve even had a long chat with Grodin, we’ve let bygones be bygones, and I’ve been playing him with some regularity. He’s (finally) attuned for MC, and I’m working on his Onyxia key. One really stupid game I’ve been perversely enjoying of late is Star Trek Encounters. It’s really not all that great, but it’s campy fun just the same. So nice to be playing again.

11-15: Thanks to some old book sales, I have things other than periodicals and RPG supplements on my reading list. I’m going to be working through some crappy fantasy stuff (like ‘The Rage’ in the realms), and I’m going to try to crack a long alternate history series I’ve started and stopped a few times now. The alternate history of the United States starts with ‘How Few Remain’, a book wherein the South wins the civil war. Series author Harry Turtledove then walks us through a series of books going through World War I, World War II, and the aftermaths. They’re not the most upbeat of books, but very interesting.

16-18: While I don’t think I’m going to top the 44 comments on Resurrection Everquest, I’ve had some writing luck with my last two pieces for GameSetWatch. Well, personal writing luck anyway, I was kind of hoping for more of a reaction to my outlandish claims about Virtual Worlds, but grandstanding doesn’t get you very far nowadays. Oh well. I actually really liked writing, though, about the upcoming super hero MMOG battle, and I think that piece turned out rather well. I’m really enjoying writing them, and I hope I can keep it up as the holiday gaming season heats up.

19-20: On that note, I’m apparently going to be able to preorder a Wii and Zelda starting next Monday. I’m going the uber-cheapo route, and just buying the console, the game, and an extra wiimote and chuck. I’ll get most of the fun release games via GameFly, I’m hoping. I will probably get one of the minigame games too … Rayman looks like fun. Mostly, though, I’m holding out on purchases for stuff like Wario Ware, Mario, and Metroid. Ahh, Mario.


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  1. I notice you say you are going to Preorder Wii “next Monday.” What I have been reading is that Gamestop is doing preorders today, the lucky 13th. Will I see you at Gamestop when the doors open today?

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