Space Foxes and Japanese Gangsters

October 3, 2006

It’s been a surreal experience here the last few days, as I shift from space-shooters with a furry theme, to finger-lopping Asian gangsters. I’m now on to toy-based sci-fi remakes, and that’s kind of a weird shift too.

I’m going for an unusually ambitious week, this week. I’m basically trying to get a piece written every day, with today’s jobber being a MMOG Nation column for GSW. Tomorrow I’m going to write up the Shadowrun 4th edition books for Slashdot, and Friday should see the posting of my Lego Star Wars II review, to be written Thursday. I don’t usually accomplish these ambitious weeks, but I’m feeling remarkably focused.

The weekend before last, you might say, was relevatory experience for me. I’ve had a great attitude and a really strong work ethic since then, and I’m trying my best to live up to my own newly heightened expectations.

Next week, as an aside, I’m going to be out of town. I’m doing a panel thing in San Francisco, seeing some friends, and talking to people who I hope become friends. At the very least, it will be yet another learning experience.

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