September 28, 2006

Xbox Live has been a continual treasure chest of old-skool wonders. Some of the stuff I’ve really enjoyed I just never got the chance to play very much (like Frogger and Joust). Other titles I spent quite a bit of time playing, like Pac-Man and Gauntlet. Pac-Man especially conjures up some really nice memories, of having a slice of pizza a the ‘Hut and getting a few quarters to do my Pac-thing in the corner of the restaurant.

Then, there’s yesterday’s release to Xbox Live Arcade: Doom. Doom is not just another nostalgic title for me. I played so very, very, very much of that game at the apartment in Eagle Heights: it’s just not funny. My brother Paul played even more, if that’s possible, with Doom 2 and ‘Final Doom’ being enjoyed just as much as the original. Doom 2 was really my game of choice, and I have very fond memories of the big open level with all the Cacodemons. I also greatly enjoyed watching my brother play against our neighbor upstairs over our blazing-fast 24.4 bps modem. (That’s something that dialed up over the telephone, kids.)

It’s been implemented on Live, complete with Deathmatch and Co-Op on the intertron, and I’m happy to report that unlike Street Fighter II, Doom is picture perfect and floats like a dream. I’ve already got a couple of easy accomplishments from a few moments of screwing around, and I’m just going to have to go for more when it’s not, you know, 2 in the morning.



  1. Now, I’m all about the retro gaming on alternate platforms (I’m currently playing the SNES version FFII on my phone), but aren’t you paying for a video game you probably already own? Not to mention the privelege of playing an FPS on a console? Of course, it’s entirely possible you didn’t pay for it the first time (I doubt I did), and it’s not like I’m getting SNES ROMs through legitmate means. It’s funny though, I got back into playing old system’s games because I was impatient for the Wii virtual console (which by the way is the first console I’ve considered buying in a long time – if only for Zelda).

  2. I unfortunately don’t have a version of Doom currently. I’ve also been buying Xbox Live Arcade games on principle; at an average of about 5 bucks I feel comfortable making a statement supporting casual gaming. Doom, though, is hawesome on the 360. I know it’s sad to hear me say, but I’m actually a fairly big fan of the console shooting experience. I’m certainly still more skilled with a mouse and keyboard than with a controller, but the console shooting experience is now so mature as to demand attention. Especially from some guy with a website. :)

    Besides, a chance to frag people in Doom again? Retro-tacular!

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