Ding 26

September 25, 2006

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday, what a great day for my birthday.

Truly, a great day. In fact, a great weekend.

Saturday Elijah, Paul, Katie and I had a bit of dinner, and a great conversation. Nothing special, really, but it was great to be able to hang out and have a good time with and old friend and family. Afterwards we went to Alan’s place sans-Paul and played Urban Myth, which was surprisingly fun for its kinda offbeat tenor.

Sunday’s game went swimmingly. We’re just now into the meat of the eighth chapter of the game, and the plot is beginning to thicken quite drastically. I’ll admit, the story that we’re not exploring is not entirely the one outlined in the book. It’s been quite freeing to move beyond the elements that are presented in the adventure proper. The players have been more attached to the people of the city than the city itself, and by focusing on those elements I think we’ve really gotten a good momentum going again.

Tonight I had dinner with the family, and it was great to just sit and relax with the humans I grew up with. Had a real nice dinner, too. Putting good things out there has even resulted in good things back. Some pictures books and Spider-Man from my wife, a neat triceratops puzzle from Eva, and various neatnesses from others. Much *heart* to everyone who has made my day a happy birthday indeed.


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  1. Happy Day After Your Birthday Day… Day! Congratulations on your continued existence on the material plane, and all. I’m trying to send you a Sky Taco, so watch out for it. Perhaps carry an umbrella at all times. Or, walk around with your head tipped back and your mouth open if you want some immediate gratification.

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