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September 17, 2006

I sit here, looking out at an overcast sky, enjoying the breeze, and wondering why words have been so hard in coming to me lately. I managed to get impressions from a couple of gaming books up on the site last week, but I don’t feel like it was the best work I’ve offered there. Overall, actually, it was kind of a ‘meh’ week. Other than a rekindling of my interest in playing World of Warcraft, I don’t feel like I got much accomplished.

I’ve got four articles currently in the out-box of my brain, each one in various stages of fermentation. One is just refusing to take the words I throw at it, defying me to even pin down the concept of the article. Not knowing what you’re writing as you write it is more than a little frustrating.

While I enjoyed the experience of watching through Northern Exposure again, I feel like that’s probably the root of my distraction. I was very happy when we dropped cable television, and I guess the part of me that likes slacking off in front of the tube has gotten fat and happy as a result of my indulgence. Feh on him, I say.

Yesterday I had a quite lovely time at Jabbyville, saying an official farewell to Terra Jones. She heads for the hole in the interweb that is Africa next weekend, leaving us Terra-less for two years. You will be missed, lady.

It was really nice being able to connect with people, interact socially, and have funtimeness. After almost two years of working from home, I think I’m starting to feel the effects of infrequent face to face social interaction. I’ve been making an effort of late to get out of the house, and it’s helped. It’s really nice to be able to sit and talk with folks; need to do that more often.

This week, no big plans per se. Going to try to get things knocked off my giant list of stuff to do(tm), and hopefully hook with with Elijah’s 40ish warrior Rooster for madcap adventures in the Arathi Highlands. Good times. I hope to have a review of StarFox for the DS up this week, and hopefully one for Yakuza as well.



  1. Hey! I was just wondering when you were going to have time to post photos from me birthday party yar because Im excited to see them. ^_^ -ciao

  2. Yeah, I was wondering about that too. And see, I went into your galleries page to look and they weren’t there, but I tell you what makes me do a double take everytime I look on that menu page…

    Two of your sub categories, stacked one atop the other:

    “Gaming nights””The wedding of Katharine… blah blah”

    Now, my fuzzy brain reads that as, “The wedding night of Kathar… blah, blah.” And every time I worry that my long-time friends are sharing a bit too much of their lives via the Internets.

    Then I realize that I’m just illiterate, probably a subconscious pervert, and move on. But just thought you should know that for those of us not so good at them thar language arts, well, it’s a bit of a stab to the old noggin’ to read.

    Also, speaking of B-days… someone else’s is upon us, ne? I’m still sans Table Internets, so anything going down? Either way, I have something goofy for you, so whenever the masses gather next… :)

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