Lost in Northern Exposure

September 9, 2006

This has been, seriously, the most relaxing two weeks or so. There were no games released that I really wanted to check out, and game news was almost non-existant. As such, while I wasn’t offline per se I’ve been doing many offline activities lately.

Going through my old things from Mom’s, and cleaning out the storage locker, allowed me to stumble upon my tapes of Northern Exposure. I taped pretty much the entire series when it was being rerun on A&E, and for the past week or so I’ve been steadily chewing through it. I *love* the series, and it’s brought back a lot of fond memories by watching it.

Though we haven’t really gotten into it as much as we did the first season, Katie and I have also been catching up with the second season of Lost. We got the DVD set early this past week, and have only watched the first three episodes so far. I’m sure I’ll start to enjoy it more once we get going, but so far the show has only succeeded in making these characters singularly unlikeable. Which … is kind of annoying.

Aside from television, I’ve actually been doing a metric ton of reading. When I got back from Gen Con my stack of things to read began reaching dangerous heights. The only real delay working through the stack was the 640 pages of Ptolus. That took some time. I’m now almost done with the RPG books I picked up, and am about to dive into some fiction. Good times.

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