Machines of War

August 17, 2006

I’ve been writing a lot this week, and so, of course, RD.net gets the short end of the stick.

A thought that’s been on my mind a lot this week, though, has been the coolness factor of Privateer Press‘ products. I’m not normally a big War Gaming guy, but Warmachine and Hordes have an elegant simplicity that really appeals. Their beautiful sculpts help a lot too, with minis that ya just have to drool over.
Their RPG line, Iron Kingdoms, is equally awesome, and I’m working to get some review materials for Slashdot Games. I had the chance to check out the world at the Con, and I was very impressed by the twist on the normal D&D feel. It has a great level of grit that’s really starting to grow on me.

If a Privateer person is reading this, I have three words for you: Xbox Live Arcade.

A $15 downloadable WarMachines Arcade game would be huuuuuuge. You could even use the ‘consumables‘ technology to sell online booster packs. Beat Magic to the punch; get on Live Arcade before Wizards.

My 2cp.

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