Jon Stewert, My Hero

August 6, 2006

Flock has some stuff that hooks into YouTube; ways to make it easier to post and view videos on the service. I’m not planning on becoming much of a contributor, but it’s been interesting to see what the service has to offer besides ‘Bikini Car Wash’ and the like. I’ve found, for example, that a lot of great moments from the Daily Show are part of the YouTube zeitgeist. Jon’s interview on the O’Reilly Factor is there, for example, as is his coverage of the president’s interview on the Factor. I particularly enjoyed his interview with Bill Clinton (1 and 2). I’d seen all of those before, though, and it was mostly just a nice trip down memory lane to see them.

In searching around, I found something I hadn’t found before: Jon’s intro speech after 9/11/2001. It’s powerful, sometimes funny, and a great example of why (despite his protestations), the Daily Show is more than just another dick and fart joke show.

If you’re looking for the way to embed YouTube videos into your wordpress blog, you can find the info here.


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  1. Of course, uploading any Daily Show clips to youtube violates Comedy Central’s copyright and YouTube’s terms of service. YouTube is under fire right now from people who are having their stuff uploaded without their permission. Don’t expect those Daily Show clips to stay there much longer.

    Which is a shame, because I have yet to find a computer that can deal with Comedy Central’s clipviewing pages correctly.

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