Now You’re Playing With Comics

August 5, 2006

The Master SwordOne of the treasures rescued from my Mother’s place is a large stack of old Nintendo Powers. I have a bunch from the era between issues 29 and about 70. I was subscribed to that magazine for a long time; for much of my life it was the only periodical I got. In any case, while a lot of the articles make me question how I spent my youth, there is one aspect to them that I was tickled pink to see again.


Nintendo Power ran a series of comics back in the day. They ranged from the impressive (Zelda) to corny (Howard and Nester) to just downright awful (Mario). Just the same, they were all beautiful moments in my childhood and I’m glad to have some of that back.

Here are a few of those memories, as only the interweb can provide:

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