Camera, Flock, Vanilla, Spices

August 5, 2006

Macro photo of my laptop keyboard, taken with the Exilim.On a d20 –

1-3: Besides watching Lost, you’ve been watching quite a few movies.

  • Kinsey – Ahh, sex maniacs in Academia. You mostly enjoyed the viewing experience, but you could have done without the creepy pedophile guy, or the penis piercing.
  • A.I. – Hair saves the damn day. Truly terrible film, and an incredible waste of time. To think what it could have been, had the Kubrickian themes been carried through to the end. Instead, the Popsicle-droid has a perfect day with his clone-mommy. Gaah.
  • House of Flying Daggers – Young love and aerodynamic knives. There aren’t a whole lot of movies that really pop out at you on the HD screen; you notice the image quality but you guess you’ve gotten blase about it? This film is simply gorgeous on a high-def screen. (As is Lost, for that matter.) It helps that it’s also very good; a hard-to-watch love story.
  • Vanilla Sky – Another waste of time. Muddled storytelling, boring twist, and relatively rote performances from everyone involved. It doesn’t help that you can never watch Tom Cruise in a film again without hating his guts.

4-7: You busted up our Sony camera during the trip to California, and as a result you asked your mom if I could borrow her camera for the trip to GenCon next week. She showed up at the apartment on Thursday with an early birthday gift: a camera for us to keep. She really likes the one she has, so she brought us a Casio Exilim EX-Z60. You don’t have a decent memory card for it yet (hopefully arriving via mail before Wednesday), so you haven’t had a chance to really stretch its legs. The shots you have taken, though, are nice. It has a kind of noisiness to it in larger shots though; hopefully you’ll get that minimized in future photo sessions.

8-10: Speaking of gifts from Mom, she was also nice enough to pass on to you a package of Penzey’s spices. They have some really great mixes, above and beyond the traditional elements like Cayenne and such. I’m particularly fond of the Sandwich Sprinkle mix.

11-15: You had a tremendously successful party on Monday the 21st, for Kat’s going away. Food was had, stories were told, laughter was enjoyed. It was great being able to show people the new digs, and everyone seemed to have a good time. The week before, you finished up the Shadowrun campaign. A momentous battle was had, and you think the players were even a little bit surprised. Always a gratifying experience. You just regret that we didn’t have more time to explore these characters.

16-18: You enjoy the fruits of the ever-growing Xbox Live tree, as game after game is released for the Arcade. Galaga and Frogger are far and away the best offerings since Microsoft committed itself to weekly new game releases. You’ve found Street Fighter II to be a large disappointment; too fast, too laggy, too blah. On the other hand, it’s been lots of fun for you to rack up Achievements in Call of Duty 2, Table Tennis, and Uno. Uno especially has been forthcoming with the gamertag gold.

19-20: Fueled by your exploration of Firefox, you check out some other browsers based on the uber popular engine. You find yourself futzing a lot with Flock, a browser with built-in blog posting capabilities, an RSS reader, and connections to Flickr and del.icio.us. You don’t know why, but its blog-posting window is completely unthreatening, and almost invites writing. The spellchecker doesn’t hurt either. It’s still a WIP, so it’s not for everyone, but you’ve found a new daily-use web experience.

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