August 4, 2006

Lost CastAs I’ve mentioned before, we’re enjoying our freedom from the tyranny of cable. Or, at least, I am.

Anyway, Netflix has stepped in to fill the void more than adequately. In the last two weeks or so, I’ve watched A.I. (still sucks) and House of Flying Daggers (still awesome). I’ve got Vanilla Sky sitting out in the living room right now awaiting my attention.

What’s had both my and Katie’s attention for the last two weeks, though, is the ABC series ‘Lost‘. I realize we’re the last people to the party here, but … damn.

Truly people, DAMN. I’d read along with Cleolinda’s recaps, back when she was doing them, but I never really appreciated how fricking compelling this story is. I’ve gotten somewhat innured to top-notch writing. The works of J. Michael Straczynski and Joss Whedon are enough to make any man cynical.

But here … you have tremendous writing, simply cracker-jack acting, and some of the highest production values I’ve ever seen on a television show. Lost is a thing of beauty; the damn thing rips you, hollering and screaming, from episode to episode. The further into the show you get, the more the machinations of the show’s developers entrap you. What are the signifigance of the numbers? What’s behind the door in the ground? What is the ‘Black Rock’? What’s the real deal with Rouseau? OMGWTFPolarBears?

If they hype and popularity of the show have put you off, I highly recommend you give this show a shot. This is one instance where the show’s popularity is actually well deserved. We actually got so into it during the third disc that we just said ‘screw it’, preordered the second season, and went out and bought the first season.
Gilligan’s Island this is not.


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