July 30, 2006

You scored as Captain Mal Reynolds.

It’s your way or the highway, but for some reason your friends stick around anyway. Probably because they know no matter how harsh you might be sometimes, you’ll always have their back (or come to their rescue) in a sticky situation.

Scores –

93% – Captain Reynolds
79% – Wash
70% – Simon Tam
64% – Shepard Book
30% – Kaylee Frye
20% – River Tam
20% – Jayne Cobb
17% – Inara Serra
15% – Zoe

Which “Firefly” character are you?
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One comment

  1. i’m disturbed. i scored a 100% tie between Mal and the preacher. the rest were like 67, then 33%. nothing like a little schizophrenia amongst neurons.

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