People Are People

July 5, 2006

Friday was as useless as I anticipated it being. Thankfully we asked for and recieved a one-day extension to our getting gone, and we’d turned in our keys to the old abode by noon on Saturday. That night we had dinner at Maha Raja and saw Superman Returns. Food was as delicious as always, and I’m hoping to throw together a few comments on the film. The short form: I was pleasantly surprised. It was great to see people again after a few weeks of being away from our friends.

‘Pleasantly surprised’ would describe many of our interactions over the next few days. Sunday we had lunch with the Giacominis, on a whim basically, and deliciousness ensued. That night I helmed the first session back for the Shackled City campaign. A lot of shit went down before Katie and I left for California; the loss of a player always shakes up the gameworld. I was, frankly, dreading the session. I had no idea how it would go, but the players really stepped up to the plate. They did an amazing job of moving the plot forward, of finding a place for themselves in the world and making sure the NPCs knew they were back with a vengeance. I can’t claim credit for the job they did on Sunday; I basically just steered the boat while they provided the forward momentum. If my players don’t mind my saying so, I’ll go on record as saying I’m very proud of the work they did this past weekend.

Thiscoming Sunday, though, I pick back up my stick. Heh.

I attempted to fight off whatever illness has been plaguing my system since we returned home on Monday, while also doing a little unpacking. Erich came over to roll up the character he’s going to be running in the Shackled City game, and (despite some rough edges) the concept behind the caravan guard-turned-adventurer sounds great. Katie worked, and then stayed up until three (!) getting the gaming books out and organized. Given the gaming work we’ve been doing on characters and whatnot, it was a good idea, but my wife’s love of books sometimes scarifies me.

More gaming on Tuesday, with the third-from-the-last session of the Shadowrun campaign we’ve been doing. The players are, I feel, thoroughly confused. Good job me. Last night we headed out to Erik’s place, to enjoy his barbeque skills and commanding view of the Madison area. Round about 9:30 we headed up to his building’s rooftop garden. From that lofty position we enjoyed the better part of something like 20 fireworks shows. An utterly satisfying evening.

Today, besides getting Katie to a doctor’s appointment, dinner with the family was the order of the day. We had some food at the faux-irish pub chain place Claddagh. I’m … not enthused with it. Their ability to provide me Boddington’s Pub Ale from the tap does not outweigh the obvious unenthusiasm of the waitstaff, or the cookie-cutter cuisine. A nicely quiet day though, in the balance.

No real plans tomorrow either, and back to business as usual on Friday. Gen Con looms in early August, but for right now it’s very pleasant to just relax and unpack at our own staid pace.

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