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June 15, 2006

I’m normally ambivalent about vacations before they happen, morose during them, and then regretful once they’re over. Assuming I don’t get sick in the next two days, I’m actually looking forward to this as a great experience. We’ve got lots and lots of time to relax, nothing close to a tight schedule, and we plan on seeing a lot of neat people. Family, friends, friends we haven’t seen in a while, friends we don’t see almost ever … should be a lot of fun.

The moroseness that I’m looking forward to is regarding transportation and big cities. I’m just not a big city person; Give me a town with a ped mall. I’m especially not looking forward to the twisty maze of little passages, all alike. We’ll have Google Maps, though, and my wife is as able a navigator as you’d ask for. Assuming no fender-benders, I’m sure all will be well.

Here’s what our week looks like:

Saturday –
We’ll be bunking at Katie’s cousin Suzie’s home, and will probably be doing dinner with her that evening. She shares my enthusiasm for Chinese cuisine, and I’m hoping for some Dim Sum.

Sunday –
Unplanned. We’re hoping to do a walking tour of San Francisco (ala our Lonely Planet Guide), and this might be the day to do it. I’m going to be bringing my camera for sures, and lots of pictures will be taken.

Monday –
I’m going to be hooking up with Simon Carless and some other game journo folks for lunch. Don’t know where or when, but we will by George! That evening Katie and I are going to be taking in a baseball game. Apparently there’s a sporting team in San Francisco called the Giants. I’m told they play some good baseball, and I always enjoy sampling Stadium cuisine.

Tuesday –
Another most unplanned day. Might do the walking tour here, but we’re definitely hoping to go see Alcatraz. During a weekday might be a better choice.

Wednesday –
We’ll be moving on from the Bay area to take in the beauty of Sonoma County. Wineries, vineyards, rolling fields, and a B&B will be the order of the day.

Thursday –
It’s Katie’s Birthday! We’ll be heading up to Ferndale to spend the day with Katie’s Grandparents, and have dinner to celebrate her birthday. Photo shoots at the Ferndale cemetery, Fernbridge, downtown, and at the beach are a requirement.

Friday –
A Long Haul. We abandon the scenic highways for speed, and make tracks very north to Portland Oregon. The rehearsal dinner for Matt and Kirstin will be the event of the evening … assuming we make it up there in time. I trust my driving skillz. We can totally make it.

Saturday –
The wedding day! I enjoy not being in the ceremony, relaxing, and watching the happy couple get hitched. I’m looking forward to seeing WA friends that I haven’t seen since I headed east in 2002. It’s been four years … will we still talk about stupid things? We were planning on staying the night there in Portland, but it looks like the demands of the next day will require that we reverse course and head south.

Sunday –
We’ll be driving for much of the day, aiming to arrive in SFO in the evening. We’ll be meeting up with Brian, who will have been in town for about a week looking for an apartment and getting ready to kickstart his new west-coast life. We’ll be having dinner at Neptune’s Palace, a part of the pier 39 complex. It’s a Katie-favourite, and I’m looking forward to some great west-coast seafood. (The only thing I miss about Olympia is the Oyster House.)

Monday –
We return to the bossom of Wisconsin, via a reverse SFO-ORD, ORD-MSN jaunt.

As SFO is a very connected city, I expect to be able to upload pictures and posts for at least part of the week. Yay for things!


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  1. You two might want to catch the ferry from SF harbor to Sausilito, get to see Alcatraz on the way, I celebrated a birthday with a hot dog and champagne once on my trip west. Sausalito is just super, good walking and neat stores.

    Also, took a Greyline tour to Muir Woods…lovely, lovely.

    Love you both, have a great time. Give my best to Brian and Kat and the folks out west.


    Mama Zenke

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