Life + Boxes = Fun?

June 14, 2006

Boxing up your life while watching Good Eats is strangely freeing. It’s also freeing to be (mostly) offline for an entire day. My almost constant presence on tar interweb is entertaining to be sure, but I’m told all this stuff out in the real world is pretty interesting too.

Katie and I spent our time offline today getting some lunch with Joe and Brian. It was the last time we’ll see Brian until we’re all in San Francisco, so we were glad to have the chance. Indeed, we are going to make sure our paths cross the weekend after thiscoming, to have some seafood by the bay of that fair city. The Great Dane on Fish Hatchery is a dang nice restaurant/bar.

Our home is looking ever less like our home, with boxes replacing bookshelves as the dominating feature. It’s hard to see today (with two packing days left) how we’re going to get all of this squared away before Saturday. I know we’ll manage somehow.

After lunch we meandered over to ShopKo to take advantage of a summer sale. We procured for ourselves a small entertainment center, and a small desk. Both are sturdy but reasonably sized, and will replace the rough metal rack we have for a TV stand and the hugenormous monstrosity that I currently call a desk. Our television and my monitor are just not that big. We’ll be dismantling the metal rack for other uses (extra pantry space, maybe) but we plan to leave the huge desk behind as a gift to the garbage men. I’m sure they’ll send us love notes.

I work tomorrow and Friday, but Katie is off for the rest of the week. Which is good, because she’s can run the show packing up what we need for the SFO trip and making sure that my meager muscles wrangle the boxes into place.

We’re leaving in three days. And … amazingly enough … I’m actually looking forward to it.

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