Reality Warp

June 13, 2006

I find it incomprehensible that reality conspires to make changes overlap. It’s not enough just to have one thing move. When life bends and warps, it always seems to me that it distends and shifts along the entire length of the future instead of just the one area you expect it to. In this case, the bend that is moving and taking a trip has opened up into other life-shifting events.

The big one is the happy news that the De Smets are moving to California. Happy, because it means a new job and lots of new opportunities. Sadness, of course, in that we won’t be seeing them nearly as often anymore. While I consider them good friends in many ways, the most concrete changes I can point to are the games I’m currently running. Tonight we’re having a session of the Shadowrun game, one of the last for this campaign. We’ll have just one or two more after Katie and I finish moving, and then I’m going to wrap it up. I’ve been having a really good time with the game, but I really want to free up my players to do other things if they want. I’m also seekritly hoping I might be able to play in a game. I’m selfish, I know.

The Shackled City game is going through changes, but will continue on after the move. On Sunday I had the unique experience of killing off a character on purpose. I attempted to make it meaningful, and instead have left my players feeling cheated and scarred. There’s heavy discussion on the mailing list, and I’m doing my best to read and absorb the mood of the group. Despite the ill will, I feel that if the game can survive this, Shackled City will be one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Right now that’s just an ‘if’, so, here’s hoping.

In real-life news, our home is only half of our home at this point. The dining room, gaming books, and a good part of the kitchen are already packed up. Today we’re going to finish up the kitchen and tackle the books in the living room. With game tonight and Katie working, we’re not going to get as much done as we’d like today. Tomorrow, though, we’re pretty much going to be packing from sunup to bedtime. The hope is that we can get the bulk of things done by end of day tomorrow, so Thursday and Friday can just deal with little things.

Thursday night we’re doing a combined family function with the Giacominis, celebrating Father’s Day, some birthdays, and family friends in town. I might have the chance to get together with game-folks in town for GLS on Friday, and we’re flying out on Saturday morning. Oh hey. We should probably pack in there sometime too.

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