Smelly Water

June 9, 2006

I’ve always read articles about the quality of Madison’s water with a sort of bemused expression on my face. Compared to many municipalities, Madison has ambrosia coming out of its taps. I got on a fairly expensive bottled water kick in Washington, and the soothing embrace of the isthmus aquifer has always been like a security blanket. Tonight, though, I poured myself a glass of water to take to bed, and found myself sniffing my ice and H20. It smelled like ass. I don’t know whether it’s the manganese or whatever they’re reporting is in the mains, but something got into our water and made it smell like monkey butt. This makes me extremely sad, and tonight sees me retiring to bed with a Diet 7up.

Dear processing plant, please send more tasty water to drink poste haste. Your friend, Michael.

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