I Steal Bandwidth

June 1, 2006

The title of this post is what a lot of people out there across the intertron are now seeing, in place of images like Spider-man, the cover to ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, and even pictures of my wife in her wedding dress.

You see, some people (like this girl, or this girl (don’t go there with IE or sound on)) don’t understand that by in-line linking to images on other peoples’ sites, you steal from them. You steal their bandwidth and make their hosting costs go up.

Ah yes, you from the Allakhazam forums, I see you have a question. You want to know if it’s okay to keep linking to my Final Fantasy XI armor gallery. Of course! You folks are always very considerate, linking to the actual gallery and not in-lining to specific images. Please, it’s out there for a purpose. I’m glad I can help you decide if you want to play a WAR cat-girl, or a NIN/THF dual-class.

Please, if you see a big image saying ‘you steal bandwidth’ and you think you shouldn’t … let me know. I’ve already got bloglines set up, but it’s possible there is a legitimate use for the images elsewhere I’m not aware of.

Just let me know.


Your friendly neighborhood webmaster.


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  1. While I appreciate how deeply frustrating inline linking is (is there something about MySpace that makes one extra stupid?) some thoughts:

    – I really dislike calling it “theft”. You put the image online with the expectation that people would link to it and look at it (and in the process, using your bandwidth). You wouldn’t mind if the person linked to the page holding the image, which would actually use more bandwidth.

    – You might consider putting a URL to this rant in your image. Although I know it’s a doomed cause, I feel one has an obligation to try and educate the ignorant masses. Many simply don’t get what’s wrong.

    – Finally, (tip of the hat to Joe for the idea), consider using it as free advertising. For example, send a low resolution version of the image with the URL to the correct page slapped over the top. Perhaps send a heavily compressed but full size version, with an ad for MMOGnation in the corner?

  2. I would consider it a compliment, if it wasn’t for the inane and confusing world of Myspace. I honestly do not understand those people. I and they share humanity only insomuch as we are genetically similar.

    My tolerance for this kind of malarky was also higher until, in the process of sorting this out, I discovered individuals inline linking images from my wedding. That’s a big no.

    So, instead they get called out on what they’re doing: stealing.

  3. How well does my inline link image work? Whenever I look at forums and such that have them, it seems like they end up as
    1. Nothing
    2. Broken img symbol
    3. Someone in the forum says “red x”, thereby admitting to the world that they use IE

    I rarely see the awesome inline image I made. I think this is because there’s a bandwidth cap on the hotlink image. I wonder if I can change that.

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