Scott Adams For President

May 31, 2006

When I started reading Dilbert author Scott Adams’ blog, I figured I’d get the occasional amusing anecdote about doing regular cartooning work. Yay for wrongness! From today’s post:

As President, I would rarely take sides on the major issues. My job would be to bring the best arguments on all sides of every issue to the citizens and help them make up their own minds. My administration would make it a top priority to improve how the government communicates with its citizens. And that might require making the information more entertaining or at least easier to digest. As a general rule I would say that if the citizens don’t understand both sides of all important issues, I have failed as President. If the people need simple charts and graphs, I’ll provide them. If they need puppet shows, I’ll stick my hand in a tube sock and hide behind my desk. Whatever it takes. 

His arguments never fail to at the very least make you think. A really great read.

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