Episodes, Podcasts, Lots of Writing

May 31, 2006

On a d20 –

1-3: You spend roughly 8 hours playing through SiN Episodes: Emergence to review it for Slashdot. You end up enjoying it enough that you think you’ll pick up the next one. (You’re still really looking forward to Episode One.)

4-7: The tape deck adapter you use to listen to your iPod in the car breaks, making you think you’ve fubared you nano’s headphone jack. You order a replacement, thinking ahead to trips later this year.

8-10: You use your unbroken iPod to scour the netwaves for more podcasting goodness. Your trolling comes up with Evercast 2 and the Virgin Worlds podcast. Both are welcome additions to your growing stable of listening goodness.

11-15: You spend roughly 20 hours over the weekend playing with Canvas, Kiwi, and K2, only to discover the simplest approach to a well-establish blog is often the best. Your attempts to improve your brother’s site meet with only limited success.

16-18: Words are your friend. You spend a lot of time staring at the inert paper words in Player’s Handbook II, and the glowing pdfy words of Uncloaking the Xbox 360.

19-20: An unpleasant discovery: Your long hair retains the smell of fried grease after several washings. Take a -1 penalty to Charisma for four days.

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