What Girls Aren’t Taught

May 30, 2006

Thanks to the couple of CompSci courses I’ve takenn here at hippyville, I’ve been clued in to both the technical and social issues behind CS. Women are NOT taught to sit down at a computer and start hacking. Excuse the language, but what the fuck is up with that? Computers are far less harmful than the motor-cars and electric drills people are advocating using above, and in my opinion are just as if not more useful tools.Evidently (or so I’ve read and been told), the reasoning goes something along the same lines as the “Girls shouldn’t play with the underside of a car” thing. Our society socializes young ladies into being told something, or, if they’re not told anything, they’re instructed to wait until someone does it for them, or shows them how. Guys are pointed in the general direction of stuff, and let loose. Lemme tell ya, after the first dozen windows partitions you filet, you learn alot about how things work. So!

Teach your daughter (especially if you don’t know) –

  • The difference between memory and hard drive space.
  • What an operating system is, and yes, Virginia, Windows is not the only one.
  • What the inside of a computer looks like. (If only to de-mystify the thing. I swear, the number of young ladies who look at me like I’ve opened the door to Oz when I pop open their Dell….)
  • How to install and uninstall programs.
  • When to defrag your hard drive, and how to clean out unwanted crap.
  • How to “use the internet”, including basic web surfing, ftp, telnet, and the use of an email client.
  • The difference between shortcuts or symbolic links and “actual” files. (Oh god….the horror of a college girl’s desktop)
  • How not to get spam, how to get rid of it if they get it, and how to stop the spammer from spamming them again.
  • Tactics to *not* become infected with a virus, and if they download stuff often, the use of anti-virus software.
  • Basic use of a word processor and spreadsheet program.I am a tech support monkey for college students. The above thingies would get rid of something like 75% of all the phone calls we get.
    Women: Take charge! Learn stuff! And if a nerd tries to show you how to do something, pay attention when he does. And smack him if he won’t get his eyes of your boobs.
    Men: Don’t just do it for her! Teach her How-To! And don’t stare at her boobs while you do it.(For reading into this matter, consult “Does Jane Compute?” by Roberta Furger. Not the best book, but the only book on this issue I’ve run across.)
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