Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About

May 30, 2006

Published by Villard Press
Written by Mil Millington.
384 pages; $10.36; black and white with softbound cover

If you’ve been following the reviews, you’ll notice it’s been a while since I read a novel. That may be why this book was so highly amusing for me. Some of you may be familiar with the website that Mil runs. Be aware, this book is only very loosely based on the site. There is no repeated content from the site and much of the book has nothing to do with the arguing. That said, Mil’s highly amusing writing style translates extremely well to the narrative form.

The plot centers around a hapless gentleman who is flung into a series of events surrounding the dissapearance of his nominal boss, who leaves him with a few messes. Like Mil, “Pel” has two children and a loving, though psychotic, girlfriend. Triads, ancient corpses, computer technicians, administrators, and frightened builders all play an important role in a highly amusing tale.

The only issue I have with TMGAIHAA is the unfortunate fact that Mil suffers from Stephenson Syndrome. The ending of the book came on ubruptly and somewhat randomly, leaving you feeling somewhat let down and definately wanting more. If you need a good vacation book, TMGAIHAA will fill your needs nicely.

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