So Say We All

May 30, 2006

Thank you for bearing with me as I’ve worked through the stuff that I’ve written for the site. Everything is now within the blog system proper, and I’m going to work through the archives finding clues as to where (temporally) to put these posts. The Young Wizards reviews, for example, were written in January of 2004.

I dumped some of the crap I wrote for E2. As the months and years pass between then and now, I look back on the authorial attempts I made back then with a mixture of pity and awe. At least it, you know, got me more into writing. My movie and book reviews are also somewhat embarrassing, but in a less ‘hide this from the company’ sort of way. My half-formed opinions and stillborn thoughts will remain on the site as a testament to … I dunno, how I learned to string words together?

The black, I’m sad to say, has grown on me considerably. The duality of RD.net and mmognation.com is kind of nice, in a synergistic sense. On the white side, I’m free to say whatever stupid thing I want to about Massive games. The occasional passer-by takes note, but that’s about it. Over here on the dark si(t/d)e, I’m hemmed in by the knowledge that everyone reads what I write. Everyone that matters to me, anyway. So I mind my Ps and Qs, and enjoy my dark little corner of the internet.

This reshuffling of my site’s deck of cards has inspired me to go back and take a look at all those untitled, uncategorized posts that are languishing in the belly of RD.net. I’ll try to give them a little more luster, work to move more of my pictures to Flickr, and generally make as much use of this very observable space as I can.

So say we all.

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