Dude, Where’s My Country?

May 30, 2006

Published by Warner Books
Written by Michael Moore
249 pages; $24.95; black and white pages with hardbound color cover

Known for his fervent opinions and penchant for baiting people in power, Michael Moore has been at the number 1 spot on the New York Time’s best seller list several times in the past decade. In his latest work, he lambasts the Bush Administration and the neoconservative agenda that has been perpetuated in the highest levels of our government. In contrast with Al Franken’s Book, Michael Moore’s latest book was an emotional, frothing indictment of the right. Moore’s writing style is very approachable because of the haphazard way he goes about writing a book.

At the same time, this lack of professionalism makes the book hard to stomach. He raves and rants but puts his supporting evidence in endnotes, making the entire text read like an off the cuff ramble. The only chapters that really works are his “How to talk to your Conservative In-Law” chapter, and his final plea to have someone beat Bush by any means neccessary. He actually asks Oprah to run against Bush, just so that someone will *beat* him. Admittedly, he makes some good arguments for Oprah to run…

As a political analysis, I’d say that Moore’s book is pretty poor. As a heartfelt plea to democrats for a re-analysis of the way that they do things on the political stage, it’s a pretty genuine examination of … well, his beliefs, anyway. Moore’s writing has always been very Moore-centric, generalizing from his own experiences for the rest of us. Whether or not this works for you is something that you should find out for yourself.

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